Free Printables

The last thing I needed was something new to be obsessed about. I simply have no time. Honestly, I try to just keep to myself, stay focused on my current obsessions and just keep walking, telling myself “do not look up”… I’m just like a fish in the uncharted creative waters when it comes to crafts, tantalized by a wiggly worm that dangles in front of me… I just gotta get a closer look! Hmmm… Looks VERY interesting. Hey, I can do that! I just can’t help myself and lunge forward and lose complete control… {sigh}

Sadly, hooked is an understatement when it comes to my latest obsession with free online printables. I had no clue that printables evolved beyond kids basic coloring pages. I’m not sure how I missed it but there is an amazing smorgasbord of free stuff like personalized labels, beautiful stationary, calling cards, art, kids Birthday party kits, monograms, fun recipe cards, signs and SOOO much more! Free!!

Here are a few of my favorite free things I have found online: Enjoy.

1. Free Font

2. Monogramed Cards.

3. Chalkboard Place Cards

4. Customizable Monogram Bookmarks.

5. Favor Boxes

6. Printable Calendar. 

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